“We are The People who don’t just record or capture your Wedding ,we make your wedding Film and make you the stars of that Film. We Provide Cinematic Wedding Films and Candid Photography By best means and creative touch .If you want to relive your wedding day,whenever you see your wedding Video, than we are the people you were Searching for. WE ARE CINE WEDDING ARTS.”

Candid Wedding Photography:
Candid Photography is one of the most Modern elements to include on your wedding day. It will allow you to look back at the special moments you shared with your friends and family for years to come.Cine Wedding Arts is a wedding photography company with a Yo do we click,Non Interrupted/Non Posed Photography style and trained team of candid wedding photography and experts who have Captured Many Wedding With there Creative and Modern Edit Touch Which Give You Unforgettable Pictures of your Wedding.

Traditional Wedding Photography:
Indian weddings are epics of their own accord, with so many stories and cherish-able memories in the making. We’ll ensure that through our Traditional Wedding Photography; most of those emotions are preserved for a life-time. Our Traditional photographers ensure that they capture Everything happening at the wedding Like, Ensuring the presence of relatives and friends at the wedding,Capturing the venue, Stage Blessings And also the Traditions and Pooja’s going all around the wedding. As Every wedding is unique and has different requirements.
In Minimum Words ,In Traditional Photography we maintain the decorum of Age old Tradition of wedding Photography.

Cinematic Wedding Film:
When We say cinematic we mean it ,In this Section we try our best to capture all true emotions through out your wedding and Bind Them together with cinematic shots,Music,Real sound and Cinema Style Edit. We Prepare our script according to your story,venue and Emotions to give you the best film of your life with most Blessed moments of your,”Wedding”.
Our cinematographers do there job Very seriously with the best Available Equipment’s in Knowledge. Equipment’s Like Rigs,Jibs,Sliders, and some time Cranes too.

Traditional Wedding Film:
Traditional tends to look more like a family-shot video; it can be edited, but usually lightly.These videos tend to be 2 to 3 hours. We offer ‘traditional’ wedding videos that will Cover all things through out the day wither its your Venue,Guest,food or all prayers going around.Our Traditional Team Try’s to cover everything in the old school way so that Nothing is missed from getting
covered. We also Offer Packages in which Traditional Video is also Edited With light Cinematic Style.

Full Customization Of Package is Available.

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